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Constantly Pushing the Limits

Fox Valley Dyno-Tuned Yamahas are the result of over three decades of dedicated research and development. Using the most advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, Fox Valley has steadily pushed the limits of engine technology.  In our relentless pursuit of higher performance without sacrificing reliability, Fox Valley has continually searched for better components, greater precision, and consistent performance. Every Fox Valley Yamaha, whether a simple rebuild or a new blueprint, gets the same high-quality parts and the same careful attention to detail. Of course the configuration of an engine set up, for example, for a YBX Can muffler will be different than one for an enduro class with a pipe.  But within each particular setup, we build them all the same.  There are no "special" customers or "special" engines at Fox Valley. The engines going to a customer across the country, someone we might have never met in person, are EXACTLY the same as the engines our team drivers use.





The Importance of Dyno-Testing New Enginesbigcheks

At Fox Valley, we believe that you should never buy a new blueprinted engine without knowing what you've bought. That's why EVERY new blueprinted Yamaha is carefully broken in on our state-of-the-art computerized electronic engine dyno and then test run.  Your new engine will come with its own dyno sheet showing you the torque and horsepower readings every 100 RPM.  You'll know the conditions it was run under, what exhaust system, how hot (both CHT & EGT) it ran; in short, everything you'd like to know when you put down your hard-earned dollars. If you order an engine from us and you let us know what class you're going to run, and whether it's Sprint, Speedway, Street Racing, or Enduro, we can tailor the setup in advance and make sure the dyno run is made with the setup you'll be running. Read More About Dyno Testing


Don't Follow the Leader, Be the Leader

You may not see many Fox Valley Yamahas at your track; we're not interested in mass production or flooding the market.  But when you see a Yamaha with a Fox Valley sticker on the head, that driver has the finest, handcrafted engine available anywhere. It will have only the finest components available inside, and we will have stopped at nothing to make it the best it can be. You have our word on it.


dynosonnyOur Goal is Your Success

Our goal is simple: to give Fox Valley customers every opportunity to get the most out of their karting experience. To that end, we encourage Fox Valley customers to call us weekly, after every race, to report on how they did.  We'll quiz them about gearing, RPMs, pipe and clutch setup. Then we'll recommend ways to improve for the next race. The Fox Valley family of customers becomes an enormous testing team and we ALL benefit.  Everything we learn, either on the track, in the shop, or on the dyno, goes into every new rebuild, and into every new blueprint.