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Tues-Fri 3pm-9pm

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Fox Valley Kart ShotMission

Fox Valley Kart will provide its customers with the highest quality products and services available at competitive prices. Whether with customers, suppliers, others in the karting industry, or the public, our actions will promote karting as a wholesome family fun activity.



Owner, John Copeland

Karting has been John's all-consuming passion since he saw his first race at Purdue University some 29 years ago. Since then he's raced everything from a Stock Briggs on dirt, to a 125cc Laydown Gearbox Enduro. Traveling nationwide to follow the WKA national circuit for several years both exposed him to all sorts of karters across the country, and it solidified his commitment to build a business based on uncompromising high quality and unequaled customer service.

That  the mission of Fox Valley Kart!